Wednesday, April 3, 2013

LifeUpdate: Senior Year, College, & the Number 18!

Hi Girls!

This year has definitely been my most busy and productive
year ever... I have dedicated a lot of my time to things that 
will affect my future, and I am sure most of you understand that
my priorities before my blog are school and family. 

I have been blessed to have so many amazing people in 
my life and I also have been blessed with great opportunities.


Senior Year 

This school year has been my busiest and toughest year.
I found it so difficult to stay focused because I am ready
to get the year over with.

I am also in the midst of getting ready for prom! 
Exciting huh? 

 I spent my time studying and
applying for scholarships. And along with that I had to put
my makeup blog on the back burner. But it paid off!.. 



...It paid off because I was accepted to all eight of the universities I 
applied to, among these 8 was the University of California: Los Angeles,
University of California: San Diego, and San Diego State.
I was fortunate enough to have decisions and options and out of all 
the eight I chose to go to UCLA.

So that means I am a future Bruin, Class of 2017!


The Number Eight-Teen

I am turning 18 this year, and I am beyond excited. I have
eleven days to go before I am 18 and I have no idea
what I will do for my birthday! That weekend I will be in the LA
area, so to all my followers from LA... any good restaurants I 
should try?