Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some of my favorite looks!

I was going through the pictures of my old looks
and I discovered so many looks that I am still completely 
in love with! I decided to share them with you and if I don't 
have a tutorial for it feel free to request it. 


The first look is my first attempt at DRAG makeup. And
I love how flawless my skin looks!

This look was when my love for makeup revolved mostly
around liquid liner. I loved taking my time applying the liner,
I definitely need to crisp up my lining skills!

Around this time I was obsessed with bold brows and LASHES!

My first "dia de los muertos" look... I think I did pretty good ;)

One of my avant-garde looks... still some of my favorite looks to create!

My Lady Gaga look.... The liner is to die for!

Around this time I was obsessed with neons and bright colors,
I love how the pink/orange contrasts against my eyes. 

RASTA! 'nough said!

My comic book look inspired by Spiderman, those brows though!
This made me want to dye my hair red!

My leopard look with my new pink hair... I loved rocking this look!

Makeup to match my hair! Definitely one of my favorite looks!

And my ultimate favorite look is my flower power look.... It took a lot of
time but it was definitely worth it. This look came out way better than I expected!

So happy to share these looks with you!


  1. I LOVE all your looks. especially the lady gaga one


  2. Wow, they're all amazing but you're right, your skin and your blusher in the drag post are completely flawless! Though your skin looks pretty perfect in all of them :)