Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wet And Wild Brow & Eye Liner Review

I love introducing my readers to new products and I think that 
the best reviews are those that are short and to the point, 
which is what I will attempt to do.... There is no need to fluff
up something with a lot of words! :) 

Wet and Wild ColorIcon Brow 
& Eye Liner Review 

Basic Info

Where can it be purchased: Rite Aid and anywhere Wet and Wild is sold

Price: $1.99 (but you can get it on sale!) 

Colo Selection: 15 shades available 


Rich creamy color glides on smoothly without tugging.
Incredibly versatile to create a variety of looks. 


The pencil is your average pencil that you need to sharpen
but you do receive a substantial amount of product.
Each pencil is colored in combination with the color it is.


The four colors I have are all very similar in formulations, 
they are creamy and easy to work with and also
very pigmented. I find that the white is a bit drier but nothing
to bad. I feel that the pencils are good for the waterline
and also for the lid. The blue and bronze have a sheen to them
while the black and white are definitely matte. 

The first picture is of the eye liners just swatched on my arm.
Colors: Black, White, Bronzed, and Sky Blue

This picture shows me smudging out the liner after letting 
it set for about thirty seconds. 

This third picture shows me running room temp. water on them...

And smudging them (upwards) after they were wet. 
As you can see, they have good staying power and stay put very well.
I think that for drugstore eyeliners they are some of the best. 

This last picture shows how it looks when I remove them with
a makeup wipe :) 

Overall, I think Wet and Wild formulated some awesome eye liners!
One thing I think is kind of strange is that they market them as
brow liners as well... go figure ahahah :) 

Definitely recommend! There is not one con!

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  1. This was probably my first real eyeliner. I've moved on from pencils since, but it's definitely one of my favorites for the waterline.