Monday, August 27, 2012

Starlooks August Starbox!

This month was the first month that Starbox did a 
"special edition box" and I was super excited for it! 
I did like the box a lot but not as much as my other past boxes...

The box was centered around Lauren Bradley, a designer
that will be releasing a lingerie line very soon, and it contained 
products that were said to be used in her pictures. The box
came with a small bio about Lauren and also a collectible picture
that was signed by her... (although I didn't really see the point of it jiji) 
It was a nice touch, nevertheless. 

Basic Info:
Starbox is a monthly subscription program that sends you 3-4
products a month for the cost of $15.00 + $1.98 shipping.
The products are all from the Starlooks cosmetic line and they
have sent products like eye shadows, brushes, and lipsticks. 
Check it out here:  

The first product I opened up was the Pink Petal Rose lipgloss
which is a medium blue toned pink lipgloss... 
I think the packaging is gorgeous on all of the products and I 
really enjoyed this lipgloss. Although I must admit that I am not much
of a lipgloss girl... I did think it was a bit too tacky for my liking.
Also, when I first opened it the stopper came out and made a mess :( 

The next product I was really happy to receive because I do
not own a lot of gel eye liners. This particular one called Sculpture is a 
graphite grey color that has a metallic finish. It is extremely smooth and pigmented
but it does not last long on my lid without smudging which is a shame :(
I will still definitely wear it as an eye shadow base though. 

I also received the medium angle brush (#831) which I noticed
was different than all the other brushes everyone else received...
everyone received the #844 which is a bit thinner and smaller. I was
not that pleased with the inconsistency but I contacted the company
and they assured me the quality was the same and they had run out
of brushes. Of course I think they should have included a note of some
kind in my box but, hey!... The brush itself is nice! A bit too big for precise 
application of eye liner but I liked it for my lips and brows. 

Overall this box was good! I like how they send a menagerie of 
products although I think if the lip gloss was red it would have been better :)

If you sign up and want to use my affiliate name feel free...
its just "Marla" and you enter it during checkout... I am 
affiliated with the company but I paid for this box. All
thoughts are my own :)

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