Monday, August 13, 2012

Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat Review

I love introducing my readers to new products and I think that 
the best reviews are those that are short and to the point, 
which is what I will attempt to do.... There is no need to fluff
up something with a lot of words! :) 

I have been using Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat for months!
It is my favorite top coat and this bottle is actually my 2nd one!
Of course, now you know that I am leaning towards a
fabulous review! I really recommend this top coat 
to all of the girls that are impatient when waiting for your nail polish to dry!

Basic Info:
Where Can It Be Purchased: Sally's Beauty Supply and maybe other

Price: Around $8.00 ($6.00 if you are a pro Sally member)

  • Guaranteed not to yellow
    • Durable high gloss shine
      • UV Inhibitor
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat's patented formula 
allows top coat to penetrate through the nail lacquer to the base coat, 
forming a single solid coating over the nail plate. 
Can be used on natural nails, nail enhancements and pedicures.

Just your average nail polish bottle :) 

The formulation on this is amazing! It is basically liquid plastic 
for your nails, now I know that it sounds weird but trust me!
It dries to a hard plastic like top coat in a matter of seconds!
The gloss it gives your nails is amazing! Really shiny and glossy. 
I feel that my nail polish does stay on longer, although it doesn't make
it last more then 4-5 days. One downside it does have is that it can
dry out fast and get into a thick sticky consistency. My old bottle didn't get 
like that until there was less than a fifth of the bottle left, but I have
heard complaints about people saying it dries out too fast. Another downside is that the
polish smell is so intense! It is the strongest smelling polish I have!

Dries super fast (30 seconds)
Glossy and Shiny
Doesn't smear designs

Smells strong
Gets thick after a while
Not widely available

I would totally recommend it to all of you!


  1. I've recently started using it and I love it! xx

  2. Graet review! I'd love to try this


  3. I hate the fact that it gets so thick and gooey. I've used Seche Restore with mine and it's never quite the same as a fresh bottle. The other thing I have noticed with SV is that some types of nail polish suffer shrinkage once SV is on top which made me start hunting for a new top coat. I agree that the glossy shine is one of the BEST out there though. Great review!

    1. Yeah I definitely agree with you on the gooey part :s Such a shame because it is amazing!....
      And shrinkage? Really? Hmm I might have to pay more attention next time!