Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reviva Labs Makeup Primer Review

I love introducing my readers to new products and I think that 
the best reviews are those that are short and to the point, 
which is what I will attempt to do.... There is no need to fluff
up something with a lot of words! :) 

Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

Basic Info:
Can be purchased on 
1 oz for $19.50

The packaging is pretty simple. A glass bottle with a pump.. 
I feel that the pump disperses a bit more product than necessary so
I only push it about halfway. The bottle also includes a date
with the expiration of the primer which I find very handy!

The quality of this primer is amazing! I have tried many primers
like Benefit's PoreFessional, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, and 
Smashbox Photo Finish Light but none compare to this primer!
It smooths my skin, fills my pores, and helps with application of my 
foundation. I find that it is especially useful when I apply it under
my eyes... the concealer smoothes on amazingly and does not 
crease for a long time. I usually wear the Laura Mercier Silk Cream
Foundation and when I don't wear a primer it glides on like butter but with 
this primer it smoothes on like a creamy moisturizer and blends into
my skin much more faster. The only thing I don't really like is 
that when you first apply it, it feel oily but once absorbed it
leaves the skin soft. I do not feel that it controls oil as much
as other primers, instead it makes my skin feel like a babies butt. 

One thing I also don't like is that I have to wait about 5 minutes
to apply foundation because if I do it too soon the skin
feels oily. The Reviva Labs website also says that you can
apply it under eye shadow... haven't tried that theory yet!
It's fragrance free and non comedogenic. 

Leaves my skin smooth and soft
Helps with foundation application
Fragrance free
Contains olive oil which is 
very beneficial for the skin
Comes with a pump
Can be applied alone on skin 

Does not control oil
Only available online
A bit expensive
Have to wait at least 5 min. before foundation

I am very impressed with this primer and will definitely
continue to purchase it. I love how it leaves
my skin and helps with foundation application. 

Disclaimer: Reviva Labs sent me this primer for consideration
of review. I am providing you with my honest opinion. 


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  2. Replies
    1. I personally love this primer because I have dry-combo skin
      But if your oily it might not work ...