Monday, August 20, 2012

Model 21 Eye Lash Review

I love introducing my readers to new products and I think that 
the best reviews are those that are short and to the point, 
which is what I will attempt to do.... There is no need to fluff
up something with a lot of words! :) 

Model 21 Lash in 

Style 43+45

Basic Info:
You can purchase it on 
Price for this specific eye lash style in $19.95
Available in various styles and prices. 
10 pairs of eye lash per box. 

Super full and dense lash for a glamorous look. 

These lashes have quickly become one of my favorite! They 
are super full and dense but are easy to wear and apply. 
The lash itself is two sets of lashes in one (Style 43 + 45). 
I have worn this specific pair of lashes about 6 times already
and they are still going strong! Definitely durable! As you can see 
from the looks below, plenty of different looks are possible... 
whether it is a day time or night time look! They are definitely 
a must have in my collection! 

Easy To Apply

Only available online
Cannot buy individual pairs
The lashes are difficult to take 
off the packaging itself. :/ 

Disclaimer: Lashes were provided by 
All opinions are my own, I am not influenced in any way by 
the company! If the lashes weren't comfortable or easy to 
apply I wouldn't wear them... simple as that!


  1. beautiful! i'm a new follower from the Philippines :)

  2. Great review dear! :) I too will be receiving my own box of Model21 eyelashes! I'm even more excited now seeing how fab they are :)

  3. Great review. Would you consider doing a review on ?