Friday, August 17, 2012

Introduction to Color Elation

"Color Elation is a line of loose mineral eyeshadow 
collections designed to beautify and celebrate 
the power of color. Let us get you color elated!"

Today I have a special post for you, 
I wanted to introduce you to Color Elation Cosmetics,
it is a small company that is barely getting started up 
that creates loose eye shadows. Tamara, the owner, was
nice enough to send me all of the current loose eye shadow
collections for review. I think that it is great to be able 
to share with you all this great company and get its name
out there since it is barely starting up!

This post will just introduce the collections,
later I will create looks to accompany each of the
collections along with full reviews. 

The collections are simply gorgeous! The colors
are vibrant and bright, right up my alley! 
And the packaging is simply gorgeous!

Each collection has a coordinating bag and is
tied with ribbon. You can definitely tell they are packed
up with love and care!

Tamera also sent a bag full of samples, I believe that
these will be eye shadows of future collections ;)

The first collection I opened up was Feathers. 
Each collection consists of 4 shadows and a paper
with the ingredients of each of the shadows. 

The next collection is Spring Tide...
(definitely one of my favs!)

The third collection is Froufrou 
(such a cute name!) 

And the fourth collection is my favorite....
The review for this collection is coming up very soon ;) 

here is a sneak peek!
ps: I entered this look into a competition!
wish me luck xox 

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