Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bath and Body Works NEW and Improved Shower Gel

Influenster sent me a mini of the new Bath and Body
Works Shower Gel and I am even in more love than before!
The formula has been re-formulated and it has added shea butter!

The new formula is even more moisturizing than before and of
course the smell is delicious! I had actually featured Sensual Amber in
my June favorites. Influenster sent me Twilight Woods which 
reminds me of berries and such. It smells delicious!

I definitely recommend Bath and Body Works shower gels!
You can also use them as bubble baths! 
They lather amazingly and the smell definitely
lingers on your body all day!

They are usually around $11.00 for the full size
or $5.00 for the mini. 

Here is my empty Sensual Amber bottle and
my 3/4 full Twilight Woods :( lol 


  1. I wish we had Bath and Body works here in Sweden :(

  2. I love Bath and Body works! I have accumulated quite a few of their shower gels, lotions, and sprays. I haven't tried the shea butter infused shower gels, I'll have to go pick some up! Thanks for the post. :)