Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week of Reviews: Nars Orgasm Blush

Welcome to day six of 

"Week of Reviews"

Here is a brief intro:

I am going to do a review everyday for a week on different types of 
products, ranging from foundation to lip gloss... I hardly do reviews and I 
want to start doing quite a bit more. All of the products featured on this 
series will be purchased by me with my own money and of course
all of my thoughts will be completely honest. 

I love introducing my readers to new products and I think that 
the best reviews are those that are short and to the point, 
which is what I will attempt to do.... There is no need to fluff
up something with a lot of words! :) 

Todays Product is
Nars Orgasm Blush

Basic Info:

Where Can It Be Purchased: Sephora,, 
and anywhere Nars is sold 

Price: $28.00

Peachy pink with gold shimmer. 
(from Sephora site)

The Nars packaging is pretty much a signature look that I am
sure all of you know about, the compact itself is made out of 
a black rubbery material and is prone to getting dirty fast. The
Nars logo is imprinted in white alone the front and there is a mirror inside.
I feel that the rubbery packaging does help the blush stay safe because
it kind of breaks the fall if you drop it. 

I kind of feel as if the description for Orgasm is a bit off,
I feel that the color leans more to being a pink than a peach. This blush
has become a cult favorite and it has been made into a lipgloss, nail polish, and 
skin illuminator and ITS FOR A REASON. The subtle gold 
shimmer throughout this blush is so flattering to all skin tones ranging
from fair to dark. It instantly warms up the face and provides a sort of depth
that other blushes do not add. Compared to other blushes
that Nars offers I feel that Orgasm has a sheerness which is not found
a lot in Nars' loud blushes. The blush is soft and smooth and picks up easily
onto a brush. It also blends effortlessly into the skin without almost any
blending effort needed from you. The shimmer is also 
so fine that it does not make you look like a glitter ball,

Gives Amazing Sheen
Pretty Color
Universally Flattering

Sheer (must be built up for intensity)
Product You Get (4.8 g compared to MAC 6 g) 

this swatch was taken from because my 
camera was not letting me take good pictures of it :( 

I am very happy I purchased this blush, it has been 
my go to blush all summer and if you are willing to spend
the money definitely purchase it! 


  1. This is such a gorgeous blush. It is a beauty community favorite that is definitely on my beauty wishlist. I have two NARS blushes-Luster and Deep Throat and, I love them both! Such nice pigmentation and a smooth consistency, too.

    1. I am dying to try Deep Throat! Hopefully I get my hands on it soon!