Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Beauty VoxBox!

I just received my Summer Beauty VoxBox which is offered
by Influenster.... for those of you that don't know Influenster is a site
in which you earn badges and you can qualify to receive
a box with different products to review. The concept is amazing!
And the best thing: it doesn't cost a penny!
You can all go ahead and sign up to the site. 

The point of Influenster is to try out products and if you love
them SPREAD THE WORD! Influensters are meant to 
influence those around them. I find this to be very useful,
because I trust all my fellow friends and bloggers to express their honest opinions.

I am going to get started on trying out the products, 
starting with the yummy Banana Nut Bread....

Stay tuned! 

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