Saturday, July 7, 2012

Starlook's Starbox Review ! (open me!!!)

Starlooks Starbox is a new subscription box that is not like
any other! It offers you 3-4 makeup products for $15, but the
big difference is that they are full size products! Another perk is that
they do not tiny perfume or dud samples/items... they send all makeup 
products from their Starlook line which is a major perk for me. 

I have tried Birchbox, My Glam, Julep, and also Glossybox but no other
box has made me as happy as this one! The products from the Starlook line
have made me so happy! They are all amazing and very useful.
I have not seen a lot of other gurus or bloggers talk about this
but I think that it really is a subscription to check out. 

The packaging is cute and simple, the box comes in a
padded envelope and arrived within 4 days of shipping. 
I am not sure if this subscription is only available for U.S gals... 
The Starlooks Starbox definitely has 5 stars in my book! 

Please watch my video for more detail on the products.
I will just go into the basics on this post. 


Starlooks Eye Shadow in Caricature 
Retail Price: $9

Starlooks Small Precision Brush #813
Retail Price: $15

Retail Price: $11

Retail Price: $8

Swatches: Eye Shadow, Precision Eye Liner, Diamondline Pencil 

I used the eye shadow in Caricature all over my lid. The precision
eye liner on my upper lid and the diamondline pencil 
smudged on my bottom lashline. 


My overall thoughts on this product/box is that it is amazing
and totally worth the $15.... I am definitely switching over!
Check out if you want to subscribe,
you can also purchase the products on their online store.

Also all of the Starlooks items are cruelty, lead, and emollient free!
And you get free shipping with EVERY order!

If you decide to purchase Starbox I would appreciate it if you 
put my name in the "Where Did You Hear About Starbox From"
Just put Marla :) 


  1. looks great i might have to try it!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Let me know your thoughts! I love it!

  3. I love a good winged eyeliner!
    I've created a tag I'd love you to do on my blog :)