Monday, July 30, 2012

Feminine Review: Always & Tampax Always Radiant Collection

This is going to be quite a different review,
if you saw from the title.... I wasn't sure if I wanted to do 
this review on my blog because it is about a personal feminine care 
product but I decided that this product is too amazing to not share about!

Influenster sent me an Always & Tampax Always Radiant pouch
that included a sample of the pad, tampon, and panty liners. I 
am already a loyal customer of the Always infinity brand of pads
so I was excited to try out the new products that they released. 
This summer I have been working out a lot more so I was 
eager to try out the tampons to see if I liked them.... 

Long story short, I loved them and bought a box that same day!

One big perk about these Tampax Tampons is the easy disposal, the 
packaging of the tampon is resealable meaning you can 
easily throw away the applicator and such. I also find that
they are reliable and do not (ahemm) leak and such... 
Because all you girls know that leakage is the one thing 
we do not need to be worrying about while working out!

The Always Infinity pads have always been my favorite, and although
they are a bit more expensive than other brands I love them 
because they are comfortable and they conform to my body. The NEW Always 
Radiant Infinity pads conform even more to your body
and have all of the great features of the original infinity pads. 

The Always Radiant Ultra Thin Liners were nice but I wouldn't go out 
of my way to buy them, they are thin and nice for extra
support when you wear tampons. 

Hope you enjoyed this short review :) 
Thanks Influenster for introducing me to these awesome products!

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