Monday, June 4, 2012

Creative Nights #5

To those of you that are new to my blog I 
have an ongoing series called
Creative Nights !
This series showcases the nights when I have nothing 
to do and feel super creative... I usually do looks that I would 
definitely NOT wear out but they are the most fun to create :)
The looks are always a bit avant garde :)

You can check out the past looks:

I tend to not list products because I use so many different ones 
but a few are:
eye liner: sephora long lasting liquid liner
foundation: revlon color stay 
contour: MAC's Blunt
blush: sephora's blush in fuchsia glace
lips: MAC's Morange, Candy Yum Yum, and Violetta

I am still trying to master the art of covering eye brows haha 
if you have any tips let me know ;)


  1. This is so pretty! I cant wait to get my camera to do looks

  2. Like a butterfly! :) Lovely :* I adore your lips and the way you blended colors... mniami :]

  3. i love the lips the colors together are awesome

  4. Omg! I am new to your blog and I love the "creative nights" idea! I am kinda tempted to start the same thing on my blog, would you mind???
    LOL I don't think I have the talent...
    Really cool!

  5. totally awesome! it's like an amazing disney villain look :D great lips

    Vonnie of

  6. this look is freaken awesome!!!!!!!! your so creative girl!! :)

  7. You look like an old Star Trek villainess. ;D The really attractive kind!

    1. Thank you girl! Your comments always make me smile :)

  8. You're so creative and talented hun! Love the lip colors blended in :)