Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Review (+swatches)

My birthday was mid April and I was so happy to buy 
myself an early birthday gift :) 
I originally bought the Yves Saint Laurent
Volupte Lipstick in Rose Paris #27 
and my when I went shopping with my mom 
I found the one I originally wanted which was 
Lingerie Pink #7 but my mom didn't want
to get it for me that day... but on my
birthday she surprised me with Lingerie Pink!
I am loving these lipsticks but I wanted 
to do a detailed review for you all :)

What Sephora Says:

What it is:
An extremely smooth and creamy lipstick with a formula that transforms into a fluid veil of radiant color when it touches the lips.

What it does:One of these Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 is sure to be your new signature color: they're sensual, radiant, and strong. With shades that drench the lips with densely pigmented color and a unique color-shine complex, lips are visibly smoothed, plumped, and radiant with luminous satin color.

What else you need to know:It's made with a long-lasting and highly comfortable formula that contains SPF 15.

#27 is described as a bright pinky coral.
#7 is described as a light creamy pink. 

What I Say:
These lipsticks are the epitomes of a lipstick. 
That statement pretty much sums it ha ha.
The formulation is quite amazing, both lipsticks glide on like butter. 
And that is an understatement, they are the smoothest lipsticks
I have ever used. They feel moisturizing, nourishing, and hydrating. 
The pigmentation is also mind blowing! I need hardly any to 
saturate my lips with gorgeous color. 
Both lipsticks have the same incredible formulation and they also 
have a distinct taste that reminds me of KIWIS for some odd reason.


The lasting power of these lipsticks is also amazing, I apply it once in
the morning and the color never truly fades away... I only tap on a bit more midday. 
However, they can get a little bit drying after wearing them for about 5
or 6 hours so I just apply a bit of lip balm over top and I am ready to go! ;) 
One thing I am worried about is using them up to fast because of the
buttery texture but if I have to repurchase I will :D 

Rose Paris #27 is a beautiful true coral color and I picked it 
because I do not have a color similar to those in my collection. 
Whenever I apply it, it instantly brightens up my face and is 
a major lipstick statement. I think this color would look gorgeous on 
most skin tones but especially on medium to dark skin tones so I 
am really excited to get a tan this summer!

Lingerie Paris #7 is a beautiful pastel baby pink with blue undertones.
It definitely makes my teeth look whiter and softens up the look I 
am wearing. The swatches do not do these lipsticks justice! I definitely 
recommend you check them out at your local Sephora!

The packaging just 
The gold tubes are gorgeous and I love how each 
individual tube has its coordinating color to the lipstick inside. 
They are a bit heavier than usual but I don't mind. 
I feel so fancy when I pull it out to reapply ;)
One thing that does bother me about the packaging is that 
the tube doesn't include the name of the lipstick only the box does...
I find that a bit odd :s 

The price is also something I am not fond of but 
I am welling to shell out the whopping $34.00 
for this amazing lipstick. 
You receive .12 oz of product..
(which is about .02 more then a MAC lipstick) 

 Overall, I am definitely in love with these lipsticks
and I am really wanting to get the #17 Red Muse :) 

Packaging: 4.5/5 I wish the tube included the name.
Formulation: 4.5/5 They get slightly dry throughout the day. 
Price: 4/5 You get what you pay for and these are AMAZING! 
But they are costly... 
Overall: 4.5/5 I definitely recommend these lipsticks because
they are perfect besides some minor details. 

I wore Lingerie Pink on my birthday :)


  1. I love the packaging for these lippies, so classy.
    Great review doll.

  2. Cool review! I'd have loved to see the swatches on your lips though!

    1. I'll be sure to do looks with them! I used the Lingerie Pink on my birthday but I haven't photographed Rose Paris on my lips yet :s will do! :)

  3. oh my goodness - lingerie pink is beaut! suits you so much

  4. Omg! Those colours are absolutely gorgeous :D very helpful review! Thanks for sharing

  5. I really love the packaging and the coral colour is gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful shades but I always feel like they look a bit cakey on my dry lips...boohoo I prefer the pearl ones :) Thanks for the great review xx

  7. I love your reviews! You are so detailed in them!

  8. ~curls up and dies~ I have to keep reminding myself how badly allergic I am to these when I see them.

    1. AWWWW... that sucks! I will try and find dupes for you that you might not be allergic too :)

  9. You have to tell me what eyeliner you are wearing in your bottom photo. Eyeshadow as well. It's very classy.

  10. Ohh loving these :D one of my fave lipsticks is the YSL Rouge Volupte #7 :D