Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wet and Wild Megalast Nailpolish Swatches + Review

I had won a ton of Wet and Wild's Megalast Nailpolishes
and I got a request to do a review on them :) I wanted to
try them all out and have a big collective review where you could
find everything in one single post... :)

A little disclaimers before I get into the review: 
I obviously did not pay for these, I received them in a giveaway
from the lovely Passion Star Butterfly.
And I do not claim to be a nail expert or nail polish addict, 
my passion is mostly makeup so my opinion will be based on what I 
think a good nail polish is....
Durability and Opaqueness. 

I also used my Seche Vite Top Coat over top of all the polishes. 
I used the polishes for 4 days each to see how the wear time was.

My overall thoughts on the Megalast nail polishes is that they
are awesome! The color choices are incredible and a lot of colors
are perfect for spring and summer. They also offer some more
neutral or toned down colors for those that don't like bright nail colors. 

Lets get into the individual reviews! 

Heatwave is the first nail polish I tried out and honestly it is 
one of my favorites! It is a beautiful orange color that leans towards the 
color side of the color spectrum. The opaqueness of this polish is good. 
I achieved a solid color after two coats. I recommend this color for spring! 

On a Trip (what is up with the name ha ha) is a blue toned purple, kind 
of like a periwinkle color. It is very pretty and I do not have a color similar
to this in my collection. I did notice however that the application
of this nail polish is more uneven then the rest and can look patchy.

Through the Grapevine is a vibrant pink purple color 
(don't you like my descriptions?) It looks amazing against
my skin tone, it really brings out my yellow undertones and makes
me look tan and beautiful ;) This polish is opaque, I only used two coats. 

Wet Cement is the color of wet cement. A dark grey color. I feel
that this color is a perfect alternative to wearing black on your nails. This
color would be perfect to wear on a night out or during the winter. This is one
of the two polishes that I noticed chipping faster then the usual 3 day wear. 

Haze of Love is a maroon color, that I personally do not like on me at all.
This color is borderline brown. The formulation is good, the polish 
is opaque with only two coats but this is the second polish that chipped on me 
sooner than usual. I also found this polish patchy and uneven. 
I would recommend this polish to girls with 
fair skin that want a dark polish for winter or fall. 

I Red a Good Book is the most gorgeous true red nail polish I have ever seen! 
It has blue undertones and looks amazing. I am seriously in LOVE. 
The opaqueness is really great and the polish isn't too watery so even
though it is red it is not hard to work with. I feel that this polish would 
be universally flattering on a lot of skin tones. 

2% Milk is a creamy peach/pink nail polish that is very sheer. It 
is a beautiful color and actually looks amazing on the nails
because it is an off white color and not stark white. The color
shows up truer on my nails and in the second picture. This polish
is sheer so I had to use 3 coats to achieve the look I wanted. I 
also was trying out some nail art :P 

Break the Ice is a sparkly pearly white color. It is not my favorite but I do like it.
This polish is also very sheer and I did use 3 coats to achieve opacity. 

I Need a Refresh-Mint is a vibrant blue-green color that 
reminds me of Tiffany blue. I receive so many compliments on 
this nail polish and I love how it looks, especially for spring time. 
This polish probably has the longest wear time! I wore it for 5 days before 
getting a chip on my nails. If you want to buy one nail polish 

You can purchase these polishes at
Rite Aid or Walgreens or anywhere Wet and Wild is sold.
They range from $3 - $4. 

Let me know what you think of these polishes
if you have tried them or which is your favorite from
the swatches. 


  1. so gorgeous !!! specially love the grey color

  2. I've never tried this brand but the red looks great & it's good to know the formula is nice :) xx


  3. These look amazing, i wish we had wet n wild here! You're always winning things, you lucky thing! xxx

  4. love the polishes!!!! Pasionstarbutterfly aka jessica gave me some for my bday and i love them too!!! thanks for sharing!! u have the cutest toes! lol :)

    1. Lol thanks :) I think my toes are ugly >.< lol

  5. Lo-o-o-oving Heatwave! It's exactly the kind of color I love and 2 coats is great!

  6. Congrats on winning those! :) Refresh-mint looks amazing, i gotta have those.:)

  7. I love these! They last so long too. The ones I have only start chipping a week later if that.

  8. If anyone lives near a rite aid all wet n wild products are 40% off this week; June 17th-22nd. I purchased the megablast in "I Need A Refresh Mint". Very pretty.