Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review on Swarovski Encrusted Nail File and Tweezers

I have never seen such cute tweezers and nail files!
When PR from Design Glassware contacted me about letting me
try out their products I was so excited! I had been looking 
for a good pair of tweezers for a while and I think I found 
the perfect pair! 

The tweezers they sent me have clear and golden Swarovski crystals 
and the actual tweezer is made out of chrome metal.
I find that these tweezers are much easier to work with
than my Revlon tweezers. They are sharp and slanted just enough
to get the smallest of hairs. Of course the design of it is gorgeous!
The tweezers come in their own velvet pouch to protect the Swarovski elements
from falling off. They are so luxurious! 

The tweezers retail for 14 euros which I believe is around
16 dollars, but correct me if I am wrong! 

When I opened the nail file I was very pleased with the aesthetics,
the nail file is sleek and the gems look gorgeous. The nail file also comes
with its own velvet pouch for protection. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical
with how the nail file would work for my nails because
I could barely feel any grit on the file itself. But after trying it out I was
I have never filed my nails this easily before, the file does not tug or 
pull your nail and it gets the edge of the nail filed down but not sharp
or jagged. I find that the crystal accents make it easy to
grip and maneuver on the nail. I definitely recommend this product. 

It is said that they are made with a lifetime guarantee on the filing surface.
And that the glass is tempered and very hygienic. 

The nail file retails for 10 euros which I believe is about 12 dollars. 


Design Glassware carries everything from makeup brushes, cosmetic mirrors,
and even personalized gifts! It is a company based in Prague, Czech Republic
and I think that the products they sell are very beautiful and luxurious!


  1. ohh bling blingin!!! watch out marlas brows comin thru hehe

    1. Lol :) you always make me laugh ;)

  2. I also received samples from DG and I was pretty impressed. I love the files, they're so easy to use.