Friday, May 4, 2012

GloMinerals Cosmetics Review

A while ago I received some products by GloMinerals 
through Skincare by Alana, I was excited to try out 
this brand because I hadn't heard much about it yet. 

Skincare by Alana sent me the GloSmoky Eye Kit,
GloMinerals Lip Plumper, and also a mascara... 
I will be reviewing the mascara at a later time :)

The Packaging:
The packaging is simple and straight forward, it is a small 
black compact and has a big mirror. I found that it was 
easy to travel with and that the mirror was very useful!

Color Choice:
This kit is definitely perfect for black smoky eyes, 
it includes a highlight, lid, crease, and liner color. 
And of course you can use the colors as you please. I 
personally don't use shadow as liner and I tend to use 
the darker color to deepen up the crease even more.  

One small pet peeve I have with this product is 
that the creativity lacks in naming it... for example
the palette is called "GloSmoky Eye Kit" and the shadows 
do not have individual names... It's an insignificant detail 
but I do like when companies take time to be creative and fun!

The Formulation:
The eye shadows themselves are good, they are not powdery and 
all have smooth texture with exception the lightest color. 
The lightest color has the worst color pay off and is a bit 
more gritty in texture. I do like that the two middle dark shades
are a matte and shimmery variation of each other. Although some people 
might think that the colors are too similar. The darker color is a charcoal 
grey, almost black, color... it is perfect for deepening up the crease.
I also found that these eye shadows have minimal fallout... a big plus for me!

Overall: 4/5 
I found that the light color isn't the best quality. Overall the palette is 
good for traveling and for creating a basic smoky eye. 

The Packaging: 
This lipgloss comes with a doe foot applicatior 
and the stopper is very tight, meaning that when you pull 
out the applicator not a lot of lipgloss comes out. I find this very nice
because it prevents you from getting too much gloss on and it also 
helps in keeping the outside of the tube clean. 
Again, I feel GloMinerals lacked creativity as this lip gloss is 
simply called "GloLip Plumper" 

The Formulation:
The soft pink color transfers onto the lips with little color, 
it is very sheer but the shine is really nice. The plumping effect
is very nice, I feel a tingle on my lips but it doesn't hurt
like other lip plumpers. I find the plumping effect
to last about 3-4 hours. 

Overall: 4/5
I wish the color was a bit more opaque but I do love this
as a lip plumper :) 

Head over to Skincare by Alana and check out
their amazing selection of products!!!

*disclaimer: I was sent these products for review. this is my 
sole opinion and thoughts.*