Wednesday, April 4, 2012

UK Makeup Swap!

Hey Girls!
I recently did a swap with my friend lucy,

I was so excited to get some drugstore makeup
that is not sold in the states! 

This was the first swap I ever did, and I loved it!
I might be interested in doing more, so if you are interested let me know!

Now, let me show you what I received 
and Lucy will be posting what she received from me :) 

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette
MUA Intese Color Eyeliner in Forest Green & Turquoise 
Collection 2000 Crystal Eyes Dazzling Gel Eyeliner in Le Freak 5
Collection 2000 Lock and Hold Lipgloss in Twisted Disco 6
MUA Eyeshadow in #12 
MAX FACTOR Max Effect Nail Polish in Fantasy Fire
Barry M Dazzle Dusts in #99, #90, #92

I was so happy to get the Sleek blush palette! 

Thanks so much Lucy! I love everything!


  1. Sounds fun! I'd like to try swapping makeup. ^_^

  2. no problem, glad you enjoyed lovely!

    post on marla's end of the swap to come on my blog very soon guys! xxxx

  3. oh, and the blush by 3 pallete is in pumpkin btw xxx

  4. Nice! I want to get more sleek stuff too, I have two eyeshadow palettes and I like them a lot!

  5. Hey Marla, You have a BIG surprise waiting for you on my blog :)


  6. wow a makeup swap? sounds like fun!!!! love the stuff you got, i look forward to the posts on them! :)

  7. great stuff ive always wanted to do a swap with someone :( one day hehe

  8. cool! i'd love to do that! do you like Skin Food or Etude House? I know those are quite rare in the States. Shoot me a message if you are interested as well :)