Monday, April 9, 2012

Too Faced Natural Palette Review

*Pictures taken under natural daylight 
and eyeshadows swatched on bare skin*

A couple of posts back I let you all know that
I had finally cracked and bought the Too Faced 
Natural Eye Palette through Apothica, and I wanted
to show you all the swatches and let you know my
thoughts on this particular palette. 

I am just going to get right to it:

The versatility of this palette is amazing and the quality
of the eyeshadows is incomparable. The packaging is really cute and
it is travel friendly. I have taken it along with me to San Diego about
3 or 4 times and I don't need any other shadows! You can create a basic look, 
bold look, or even a smokey eye with this palette. I also think that the colors 
offered are great for a multitude of skin tones. The shades are deep enough to
compliment a medium to dark person. The softness and pigmentation
of the shadows is really amazing, I find that they are easy to blend
and easy to work with and they also have minimal fallout.

The 3 tutorial cards it comes with are also really
useful for those of you that are still beginners,
the eyeshadows are organized horizontally into
the corresponding look. It makes the palette
really easy to use. 


Heaven Eye Shadow (matte)
Velvet Revolver Eye Shadow (matte)
Sexpresso Eye Shadow (matte)

Silk Teddy Eye Shadow (shimmer)
Push Up Eye Shadow (shimmer)
Erotica Eye Shadow (shimmer)

Nude Beach Eye Shadow (glitter)
Honey Pot Eye Shadow (shimmer)
Cocoa Puff Eye Shadow (sating with slight shimmer)

Heaven is a basic matte beige that is perfect for highlighting
the brow bone. I also like using it all over my lid to cancel out redness.

Sexpresso is also amazing for defining the crease or filling
in my brows, it is a very dark brown and it defines beautifully!

My favorite eye shadow is definitely Velvet Revolver. 
Velvet Revolver is the perfect transition color for any eye look
and I have no color like it in my collection although it is very basic. 
It looks amazing in the crease. 

Silk Teddy is also a favorite and it is a gorgeous champagne pink color with
the most beautiful sparkle. It is a great inner corner highlight and
brow bone highlight. I have also used it to highlight
my cheekbones. 

Push up is a warm shimmery brown that is great as a lid color, it 
is perfect for a warm smokey eye that isn't too overwhelming.

Erotica is a peculiar brown, it almost seems a bit grayish and
is definitely unique to my collection. I like to use it to deepen up any
eye look. 

Nude Beach is probably my least favorite of the palette
because it has intense glitter throughout it, but after getting
through the first layer the glitter is a bit more subdued.
 I use it for inner corner highlighting.

Honey pot is exactly like its name: a honey color. It really 
brings out the green in my eyes and I love wearing it on the
inner 1/3 of my eye lid!

Cocoa puff is a gorgeous warm brown with gold flecks throughout it. 
It is also unique to my collection, the gold flecks look amazing! I have been using
it all over the lid with Heaven as my highlight and it looks amazing!

All in all, this palette is amazing! The only color that isn't that great 
is Nude Beach. The palette retails for $36, which makes each shadow 
only $4! That is a real steal! 

You can purchase the palette at Sephora,,, and Apothica!

Hope you enjoyed the review!


  1. I love this palette. I like it a little bit more then the naked palette. Its a great palette for everyday. I agree with Nude Beach eyeshadow it is really hard to work with.
    Great review.

  2. my sister is obsessed with this palette! must be good!

  3. looks really good might check it out :)

  4. I wanted Natural at Night palette more, but I wouldn't mind having this little beauty in my stash.

  5. Hi hun. I awarded you with a Blog Award

  6. great post! I was thinking I'd get this for my friends bday! I was debating between this and Naked! I subbed! I found you Beauty Make Up Addicts blog!

    twitter: @XOLB22

    1. Glad to see you are now following <3