Friday, April 6, 2012

Mirabella Rose Gold Palette Review

In my past post on the things I received through 
I showed the Rose Gold palette from Mirabella,
and I have been loving it! It is the perfect palette for spring. 
Mirabella is a brand that is sold at many salons, spas, and also 
beauty supply stores. They have some amazing products that I 
am looking to try out. 

The first shadow called "Gilded" is a light white shade, 
it has shimmer in it but it is more of a sheen. It reminds me of
vanilla pigment from MAC without the pink in it. But the same kind of sheen. 

The second shadow is called "Darling", and it is a darling pink shade.
The shade is matte and has no shimmer at all. It seems to be more of 
a purple pink then a blue toned pink. 

The third shadow is "Cultured" and is a deep true purple shade. 
It is also completely matte. It is perfect for creating a purple smokey
eye or deepening up the outer crease. 

The fourth shadow is "Pretty Edgy" and it is a bright fuchsia.
This color seems to be more of a satin finish, with no noticeable shimmer 
but at the same time it is not matte. 

The fifith, and last, shadow is "Lulu" and it is a shimmery medium pink
shade. It has a bit more of a metallic look to it and the shimmer seems to
leave the most amazing sheen. This would be nice as a highlight
on medium or deeper skin tones. I tried it on my cousin!

All in all, these eyeshadows are amazing! I love the pigmentation, and I
especially love that this palette contains 3 matte eye 
shadows and only 2 semi-shimmery ones.
I feel that these eyeshadows would show up great on fair, 
medium, and medium-deep skin tones. 
The packaging is also great, they sturdy case will not fall apart
when traveling and the brush it includes is great if you 
are in a pinch. It also includes a decent sized mirror, which I did not photograph.
This brand seems really amazing and I am impressed with their 

It is selling for $35.00 (on sale)
at Skincare By Alana so be sure to pick it up!
It is basically 7 dollars a shadow!

packaging: 5 out of 5
formulation: 5 out of 5
overall: 5 out of 5

 (artificial light)


Swatches taken under daylight 

A look I created using this palette, 
go see the full post here!


  1. I think you are so talented. How do I get better with make up? Practice?