Saturday, April 7, 2012

GaGa Look #4: Collaboration with ScarletHallow!

A Lady Gaga look has been long overdue,
and I have been putting it off because I wanted to 
surprise you all with a collaboration with a new and upcoming blogger!
When she began following my blog, I checked her blog out and 
fell in love! This girl is definitely talented!
I could not wait to do a collaboration with her and luckily she agreed!
I hope this is the first of many collaborations and the start of a 
beauty blogger friendship!

Onto the look! I was inspired by Lady Gaga's first campaign look
for MAC. She was wearing a beautiful pink lip, pink brows, and a shimmery
coppery/red smokey eye. The actual pictures of the campaign don't seem
to showcase the eyes or brows very well so I was more inspired by the
face chart that MAC released. 

This look was so much fun and I actually wore it out, 
pink brows and all! It was my first time doing a colored
brow so if any of you have any recommended techniques to 
blank out my natural hairs let me know! 

I received a lot of compliments, and my mom actually said
I looked like a Lady Gaga look before I even told her it was!
The lipstick is the closest match I had, but obviously Lady Gaga's lips
were a bit more vibrant and the pink was more blue toned.

Products Used

Cover FX Cream Foundation in E20 (sample from Sephora)
Collection 2000 Concealer in Light 2 
Youngblood HD Powder
Jordana's Rouge Blush
Rimmel Bronzer in Sun Bronze

NYX's Milk Jumbo Pencil 
MAC's Pigment in Magenta Madness

MAC's Romp and Coppering mixed (lid)
MAC's Carbon (crease)
MAC's Blanc Type (highlight)
Sephora Liquid Liner
NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean (waterline)
Set the Black Bean pencil with Carbon Eyeshadow
MAC'S Carbon (lower lashline)

MAC's Chatterbox Lipstick
Clinique's Air Kiss Lip Gloss

I focused more on the face and brows, but now that I look at my take
I wish I could have changed a couple of things :S 
We live, and learn. 


Hello there! :), I'm Lauren and im a 16 year old from Manchester, England.
 Im an aspiring Makeup artist and i have a blog called ScarletHallow 
where i post my makeup musings :) I created my blog so i could share my looks, 
ideas and cosplays with everyone, aswell as making new friends and finding 
inspiration from you guys! Playing with makeup is really entertaining for me 
and I love doing peoples makeup, making people feel beautiful 
is very fulfilling for me and i hope i can make a career out of it! :) <3

She was inspired by the second Gaga campaign look and it looks amazing!
Those lashes, I could just stare all day!
Check out her blog to see the complete look and more:


  1. Wow you both are amazing makeup artists! I love Lady Gaga's funky and exaggerated makeup style and you did represent her beautifully!

  2. SERIOUSLY! Whaa! You so inspire me. I've been thinking about doing a colored brow look and this is fab!

  3. I love this! Well Done to both of you!

  4. gorgeous makeup to both of you! x

  5. i follow her too!!! she has a great blog!!! love your look! :)

  6. Both of you guys have done an amazing job! Love you with pink brows.

    1. Thanks so much! I love reading your comments!

  7. this is cool ibet u had fun doing this!! great job hun.