Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BOO-BOO Cover Up Review

After coming back from camping I had
plenty of cuts, scrapes and bruises and I thought it 
would be the perfect time to try out my Boo Boo Cover Up.

Boo Boo Cover Up is an innovative concealer loaded with 
natural healing ingredients for the face and body.
It is great for the body and safe for the face, it
is long lasting, non transferable and waterproof. It has
opaque and lightweight coverage. 

The ingredients include:

Aloe: an anti irritant, anti bacterial that speeds up cell renewal.
Helps heal burns, wounds, and acne. 

Chamomille: Antiseptic that calms and heals.
Helps wounds, dry skin, swelling, rashes, and acne. 

Green Tea: Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti irritant and an antioxidant.
Helps acne, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and bruising.

Tea Tree Oil: Anti septic and anti bacterial.
Helps infections, wounds, and insect bites. 

Vitamin E: Moisturizing.
Helps dry skin. 

It has been feautured on many magazines including Allure. It was in the
making for about a year and was created by a team
with over 60 years in experience! 

As of now only a medium color is available, but the company
is working on a light and dark concealer.
The color can be used on a variety of skin tones... The undertone
is very neautral, not pink.. not yellow. 

I applied this concealer on my bruise on my knee when I wanted
to wear shorts. The directions explain that you apply
a layer and make sure to feather out the edges... after you let the layer
dry you can apply more. I found that after two layers my bruise was 
not visible anymore. After about 4 hours the concealer
looked good as new! And after 6 it was just a bit faded but it still
covered well! I really liked it! 

I also think it would be great to apply on small tattoos to cover
them up slightly, I haven't tried it but it might work. 
Keep in mind that I only applied two layers, if you
want more coverage you can definitely build it up:)

The tip is amazing because you can control the amount of
product that comes out :)

The healing properties also seem to work because my bruise had 
diminished quite a bit by the next day!

4 stars out of 5 
because the color choices are few! 
but the product is amazing!

You can buy it at:
for 19.99

 boo boo cover up 
 1 layer
2 layers 

* I was sent this product solely for review.
It did not affect my thoughts. 


  1. aw i have bruises on my legs from scratching myself (i have severe dry skin)

  2. Wow this product seems amazing! I just wish they had a light colour though, as I feel medium would be too dark for me. xo

    1. Hi Sarah! We should be coming up with a lighter shade very soon. Make sure to sign up for our list to be alerted when it comes out! cheers, the Boo-Boo team

  3. Man, rock that bruise with pride, lol! Don't know if I would buy this though. Coverage could be better and a little less yellowy? Good review though!

    1. Coverage is amazing! You just have to build it up between layers, if I would have applied one more layer it would have covered better :)

    2. I completely agree. The trick is in building up layers. Look at the crazy-good coverage on this tattoo:

  4. oh wow. camping? did i miss the pics? lol i havent been camping in forever.. i always get brusies. great review doll i tagged you on my blog

  5. I like the name of the concealer, thats a pretty bad bruise btw :(

  6. I would have to check this out, maybe it would be better to apply to the acne on my face, cover it while helping it heal. amazing concept! thanks for this post!!

  7. I've heard a lot about this product but haven't read any reviews before yours. Thanks it was great, although I don't think I would need a separate concealer for my body :) great blog btw! xx

    1. Carolin, fortunately for you, it's a great concealer for the face too! That's how I use it. cheers, the Boo-Boo Cover-Up team

  8. This looks like a great item to have i also bruise easily

  9. Wow! honestly? The first thing that popped into my mind was pimples. with all the antiseptic, healing, anti inflammatory stuff I think it'd be great for acne! I'm...really tempted to try this! As soon as they come out with a darker shade i'm in!

    1. Definitely an amazing solution to acne! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so we can alert you when the darker shade comes out:

  10. that's pretty good, I really want to try Smart Cover