Monday, April 23, 2012

Birchbox April 2012

I am back!!!!
The camp I went to was so much fun! 
I need to catch up on homework and such so I will 
be posting mostly reviews for a couple of weeks... 


Just wanted to share my Birchbox and let you all know
that Birchbox customer service in incredible!
This month they sent out some expired samples but when
they discovered the problem they sent out a mass email
and redeemed all the people that had the expired product
with 100 points (10 dollars!) I think it is awesome that I didn't have
to be the one to contact them... this makes me want to continue 
my business with them because they handle issues so 

I love all the products I received and although I couldn't 
use the befine moisturizer I am excited to use that 10 dollar credit!


  1. That's very professionel of them! That zoya polish looks Fab!!

  2. Sounds pretty honorable of them to have sent out that credit. No one can complain about a 10 dollar certificate =)


  3. oohh.. nice! I got mine last week! ^_^

  4. Replies
    1. no, only two of the befine moisturizers