Monday, March 12, 2012

My Winnings! + TAG! 11 Facts About Me!

Hey Girls!

I just wanted to share some prizes I received
She is so nice and her blog is amazing!
Definitely check her out!

I won some Nicole by OPI glitter nail polishes
and I am in L O V E ! 
They are gorgeous!

She was also nice enough to include some
mini sizes of the Benefit Skin Care Line <3

Thanks Krystal!

She also tagged me to do a post called
11 Facts About Me!
Like I said, her blog is amazing so I recommend you check it out!

1.) Post these rules. 
2.) Post a photo of yourself 
3.) Post 11 random things about you
4.) Answer the questions set for you in the original post
5.) Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
6.) Go to their blog or twitter and tell them they've been tagged!

My Photo:

 Random Facts:

1.) I love dipping hot cheetos in vanilla ice cream. (weird, I know!) 

2.) I don't clean my makeup brushes as often as I should. 

3.) I speak fluent spanish, even though I don't look Mexican :)

4.) I want to become a dermatologist or a pediatrician. 

5.) I have 9 nephews and 3 nieces. 

6.) I took two cake decorating courses last summer. 

7.) I just cut my hair and I HATE IT! >:( 

8.) I dream about makeup. Seriously. 

9.) Porcelain dolls freak me out! They are watching me!!!!

10.) I had two fish when I was little: Salt and Pepper :)

11.) My favorite song is Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. 

Krystal's Questions For Me:

1.) How do you prefer to apply your makeup? Hands, brushes, sponges?
I prefer to use my brushes, I don't like using sponges because I feel they absorb to much
product and don't apply makeup the way I like. I only use them for
creative projects. And I don't like getting my hands dirty :P

2.) Do you remember your 1st makeup item? What was it?
My first makeup item was Maybelline Ultra Line Liner (it sucks!).

3.) How do you sport your brows? Full, thin, drawn on, or filled in.
I fill in my eyebrows every day because my hairs are a bit sparse. Depending
on my eye shadow is how I decide if I want to go thick or thin. 

4.) Do you do a morning and night skincare regimen? If so, do you use the same 
products for morning and night? Or different ones?
I do! I am actually still using the Somme Institute Skincare regimen.
Learn more about my routine here.

5.) What makeup products are you most picky about?
This is a tough question... I guess I am most picky about foundation,
primers, and eyeliner. 

6.) What is the most popular brand in your collection?
I would say ELF and MAC... I love them both!

7.) Do you buy makeup online or in a store? Which do you prefer?
I prefer buying it in the store, I feel that online shopping is not accurate. 
And I hate paying shipping!

8.) What attracts you the most to a beauty blog/blogger?
I think it is personality.. When a person is honest and stays true 
to their self it shows. I love when bloggers speak their minds.
A cute blog layout also helps! :)

9.) Have you ever purchased a product based on a hype but ended up disliking it?
If so what was the product. 
I actually haven't! Every product I buy I try to research before hand. Smart shopping is key!

10.) How do you sport your nails?
I wear my nails short most of the time, and honestly I don't keep up with manicures >:(

11.) What is your worst beauty bad habit?
Not applying heat protectant to my hair!

My Questions:

1.) Do you remember the first HIGH END product you bought? What was it? 

2.) Who inspires you to keep blogging?

3.) Name two or three of your beauty/fashion icons and explain why you love them.

4.) What is your must have lipstick or lipgloss?

5.) How does makeup make you feel? Sexy, confident, smart, etc. 

6.) What do you think of men that do their eyebrows, have a skincare routine, and get manicures & pedicures? 

7.) When did you first experiment with makeup? And was it a fail or did it come out good?

8.) What actress or singer would you choose to apply makeup on and why?

9.) What is a tip you have for future beauty bloggers?

10.) What are your thoughts on sponsored reviews?

11.) Would you ever dye your hair a funky color: blue, purple, or pink?

I tag:


  1. Thank you for the tag! Congratulations on your prize...I really like those polishes they are gorgeous!

  2. Your prize was awesome! Love the polishes and your random facts!

  3. YAY! I'm glad you liked everything (sorry it got to you so late), oh and I like to dip my hot cheetos in cream cheese ;)

  4. Oh, thanks for the tag! I'm going to have a think about this!

  5. Thanks for the Tag hun! I answered your questions here and I tagged you in a 5 fave beauty products post!

    XO Lori

  6. Love the prizes! Congrats! Thanks for tagging me...I am gonna try to get it done today!

  7. hey marla!! thanks for the tag! ♥ thats so cool you took cake decorating courses!! u should do a post on how to decorate a cake!! :) xoxoxox

    1. I probably will! It is one of my many hobbies :D

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