Sunday, March 4, 2012

Julep Swatches Pt. 4 and my full review!

This is my final Julep post!
I am so excited to actually give you my 
complete thoughts on these
products and also let you know
on whether or not you should purchase them.

I am not a nail polish expert by any means, 
just throwing that out there ha ha. 

This is the final swatch and its called Leighton.

This is Leighton.
Described as, "Pure liquid silver."
A little bit about the company....
Julep is a boutique nail salon, they are a place that makes innovative and healthy nail polish, and hand/foot care. They are a subscription based company. You take a quiz to determine your style (ranging from American Beauty, Bombshell, Boho Glam, and Classic with a Twist) and every month they send you a box valued at over $40! The box includes never released nail polishes and a hand or foot care item. They also offer you 20% the entire Maven boutique (meaning all released nail colors, treatments, and tools) when you are a member. Becoming a member does not mean you are “tied” down… you can choose to skip a month after you preview that months box and you can also choose a different “style” box if you feel that yours just isn’t your cup of tea. 
My thoughts on the individual nail polishes:
**click on the names to go see swatches**
Anne is a beautiful purple that is perfect for Spring time. It is almost like a pastel purple but at the same time very bright. I find that when I wear this color it instantly makes me happier :) It is just really pretty to look at. 
Stefani is my favorite color for when I want to go out at night with a couple friends, it is a dark mossy green will gold duo chrome. I feel sophisticated and daring when I wear it.
Demi is a deep red color that almost looks maroon. It is my least favorite of the bunch simply because I feel it doesn't look good with my skin tone. I think it would look best against fair or dark skin. 
Holly is gorgeous light pink and it makes me feel so feminine. I usually wear this color when I am wearing a girly outfit. It is realllly pretty.

Leighton is a really pretty silver color but it really is nothing special..

My thoughts on the formulation...

Anne, Demi, and Holly are all cream finishes and I think that because of this the application can be a bit tricky. The nail polish tends to get a bit thick and stringy after doing one hand, I have to stop and warm the bottle up with my hands to be able to continue. This isn't a big deal but it can be kind of annoying. I found that Stefani and Leighton do not have this problem.

All of the nail polishes dry fairly quickly in comparison to say O.P.I or Sally Hansen. And they are all very opaque, I usually only need about 2 coats to do a nail...

My big issue with these nail polishes is their lifespan, which honestly sucks! They are $14 a pop, so I would expect them to last me at least 3-4 days before showing chips... BUT that is not the case! The longest wear I have gotten has been 2 and a half days. I apply my Essie Super Duper Top Coat and it keeps on all my other polishes... except for these! And the crazy thing is, it happens with all of them! It is a big disappointment because I want to love them but can't.


I do not recomend these nail polishes for these reasons:
1.) The colors are average, although they are pretty they are not out of this world.
2.) THEY ARE $14.00!!!! That is a lot for nail polish!
3.) They chip and crack like no other >:(
4.) You only get .27 oz. of product (Sally Hansen gives you .40 for a fraction of the price!)

Color Payoff: 5/5
Shipping/Packaging/Customer Service: 5/5
Cost: 1/5
Durability: 1/5
Overall: 2/5


  1. I was thinking about maybe getting some of these polishes but when I saw the cost, I was like no thank you. These polishes are way to much. Great post and thanks for the info!!

    1. Yeah, I would buy Butterlondon instead :D

  2. I've also read issues other beauty bloggers have had with Julep's service and will not sign up due to those issues.

  3. Anne is seriously my favorite purple ever! You're definitely right about the cost though, not really worth it IMO, I wouldn't own any Julep polishes if it wasn't for Julep Maven.

  4. i love this color i own it as well