Sunday, February 12, 2012

Updates: Sickness, Makeup, ... CUTE ANIMAL PORN?!

Hey Girls!

I missed you so much! Sorry I was gone for a couple 
of days.... I was hospitalized because my diabetes got out of control
due to my flu. Thankfully, I am all better now and back to my normal self.

I have 4 days of blog reading to catch up on and I actually must confess that
I have not been keeping up with watching YouTube videos...

Sometimes life gets in the way and at the end of the day I have to do 
a lot of other stuff... But that doesn't mean I will begin to neglect my blog.

On the contrary! 
I am working on a lot of cool ideas to incorporate 
into my blog :) 

Of course I have my  GaGa Makeup Series going on,
and I also have a couple of fun look planned for the month of February  
like a sultry date night look, I am not calling it a Valentines look
because I probably won't have it up until after valentines... but I also
plan on doing a heart cancer awareness look with some good tips and
tricks to keeping your heart healthy! 

I also will be working on doing more YouTube videos, which is really
hard to do considering I do not have the right lighting. But I
will try to film on weekends and edit during the week...
(it really is a lonnnng process) 
Let me know which looks you want me to recreate in videos,
I will be doing all the requested looks for now and any original looks
will mostly be blogposts unless I get asked to do a video :) 

So send over those requests!
tweet me: @marlaandmakeup

Here is a picture  of the next GaGa look I will be doing..

And this a picture of the next series I will be launching, 
can you guess what it is? :) 

On another note, if you have been following me for a 
while you know that I am OBSESSED with baby pigs,
I wish my mom would comply and buy me one lol
And I also love weenie dogs and baby bull dogs :)

Here are a few of the cutest pictures!

Cute Animal Porn!


  1. glad to hear that you are doing better!

  2. I didn't know you were diabetic, I'm diabetic as well! Haha, but it's good to hear you're feeling better.

    The first picture of the dog in the hot dog bun is SO cute I just want to put him in my pocket!

    1. yes, type 1 diabetic for 2 years now :)

  3. fine you are at home again and feeling better
    the baby dogs are so cute - the baby pig too ;)
    regards from cold vienna

  4. get better!! i am sorry to hear that you were in the hospital! i love your blog, and blog posts.

  5. Hi!! Ive awarded you the Beauty-Ful Blog Award xxxxxxxx

  6. The Gaga look seems like a fun project- and the puppy pics were too cute!!

  7. wow great pics... so adorable... love your blog! its great! x Marina