Monday, February 6, 2012

Somme Institute Review

Hello Girls!

Today I have a review that has been in 
the making for a little over a month, it is on the 
which includes the:
Nourishing Cleanser
Transport Gentle Exfoliating Pads
Serum withVitamin C
A-Bomb Face Moisturizer
Double Defense Sunblock (SPF 30+)

I also filmed a video review!

The price for the 5 step regimen is $298.00
I will give you my individual thoughts on each product 
and at the end I will give you my thoughts on the entire regimen 
and how it helped my skin. 

Described as: a non-foaming cleanser that will not dry your skin. 
It contains the Somme Institutes revolutionary patented technoolgy called 
Molecular Dispersion Technology (MDT5). It is designed to improve 
skin tone, texture, and clarity. It deep cleans while leaving it 
dewy, soft and refreshed. And is designed for ALL skin types. 
How to use it: Dampen fingers with water and massage into skin.
Use morning/night.
$40.00 8 fl. oz

My thoughts & How I use it: I like this cleanser a lot. 
It leaves my skin leaving fresh and clean but it does not leave it dry or tight at all.
 I moisten my Clarisonic and apply a pump of the cleanser, which looks a lot
like Philosophy's Purity cleanser, and then I just do my Clarisonic 60 second routine :)
I used this in the morning/night. 

Described as: Soft cotton pads that contain the MDT5 patented technolgy 
along with AHA to gently exfoliate dead cells on skin's surface. 
Promotes resiliency, hydration, and cell renewal. Designed for ALL skin types.
How to use it: Smooth pad over clean face and neck after doing STEP 1.
Use morning/night.
$58.00 for 50 Pads

My thoughts & How I use it: I found that this exfoliator was a bit to harsh 
on my skin so reducing the use to once a day was better for me. 
I would smooth the pad over my face at night. This might be too strong for 
teens or people with sensitive skin like me. I do not react to a lot of things,
only really harsh products. It also left a tingling ticklish feeling on my skin. 
The good thing is that a chemical exfoliator takes away having to scrub 
your face with physical exfoliators, this exfoliation takes less than 30 seconds!

STEP 3: SERUM (orange dot)
Described as: Along with the advance MDT5 patented technology the 
Somme Institute combines the benefits of Vitamin C into a 
serum to produce a product that combats wrinkles, fine lines, premature 
aging, and even skin tone. It can be used on ALL skin types. 
How to use it: Apply several drops to face and neck after STEP 2. 
Use morning/night.
$82.00 1 fl.oz

My thoughts & How I use it: This is another product that I thought
was a bit too harsh for my skin... I only used it once a day, in the morning, 
and it seemed like it worked better for me. I applied a few drops to my cheeks, 
forehoead, nose, and chin and massaged it gently. 
It left my face feeling refreshed
and cool!

Described as: A lightweight cream containing MDT5 patented technology
It also contains additional amounts of Vitamin a & e. A-Bomb helps
soften the look of fine lines while targeting other problem areas
such as oily or dry skin. It calms and soothes
while promoting skin's vitality and firmness.
How to use it: Apply in the morning and night after STEP 3.
$70.00 1.5 fl. oz

My thoughts & How I use it: A-Bomb is my favorite product in the whole regimen!
It really hydrates my skin and it also prevents any oil build up.
The texture of the moisturizer is very odd, it is almost a pudding
like texture. It absorbs amazingly fast into the skin and does
not leave a oily or slick feeling. It simply just absorbs into my pores.
I also noticed that my foundation goes on smoother after applying this.

Described as: A lightweight moisturizing lotion with SPF 30+, it protects
the skin from premature aging and locks in moisture.
Works on all skin types. Prevents sun damage.
How to use it: Apply only in the morning after STEP 4.
Re-apply as often as needed or if exposed to a lot of sun.
$48.00 NET WT 3.8 oz

My thoughts & How I use it: I like this sunblock a lot because it does not
leave my skin feeling sticky or oily. I also LOVE that it absorbs into the
skin fairly fast so I can apply my foundation right after.


I feel that this regimen is perfect for people with acne prone skin.
Personally, the exfoliating pads & the serum were a bit too harsh for my skin.
I went through a "skin purging" phase the first week and a half, and I think
it was my skin getting accustomed to the products, after that my skin was slightly better.
I think maybe if Somme Institute had different formulas for different skin types
it would work a bit better. But on the other hand I am in love with the moisturizer
and the sunblock, and I also like the cleanser. I noticed an immense difference in
the dryness and oiliness in my COMBINATION skin. It really did balance out the
right moisture and oil in the parts needed on my face. But clarity and texture wise I
did notice a slight difference. Another thing that might
be an issue to some people is that the regimen and individual products are costly.

Would I repurchase?
Not the entire regimen: just the cleanser, moisturizer, and sunblock :)
Only because the serum and exfoliator are too harsh for me.


Disclaimer: Somme Institute provided the products for review. 
This did not in any way, shape, or form influence my review. 
I was not paid to do a review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Thanks for the review! It was really helpful for me. Please come check out my blog and hopefully you will subscribe to me as I have done the same! Thank you!

    Love, Lee

  2. The sunblock sounds great, while my skin is dry, I find that a lot of sunblocks are greasy..thanks for the review.

    1. it really is an amazing sunblock! definitely the best I have tried!