Sunday, February 19, 2012

Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette Mini Review and Look

Hey girls!

My sister visited me during the weekend and
showed me the Smashbox Photo Op Palette
that she bought through QVC a couple of weeks ago.

I wanted to play around with it and see if the
$95.00 you pay is worth it. 

Honestly, I was really disappointed at the quality of
the eyeshadows, considering Smashbox is a great
cosmetic company. Many of you may already know, but 
palettes are usually 1/3 of the quality of regular products.

The palette includes:
Fifty-Six .44 oz Eye Shadows
Four .032 oz Brow Tech Powders
One .024 oz Brow Tech Wax
Eight .031 oz Cream Eye Liners
Two .298 oz Blushes
Three .132 oz Soft Lights
Four .024 oz Lip Glosses

It is made in the USA

The palette includes all of the Smashbox trios plus 
other colors taken from other palettes. 
It comes with a clear film over the palette
that includes the name of each of the products. 
The shadows range from frost, satin, matte, and shimmer.

Four of the liners have slight shimmer but it is barely noticeable. 
There is also a hot pink blush and a coral one. 
And the soft lights are forms of highlighters. 

My thoughts are very mixed. I feel that this palette is versatile.
The eyeshadows were held up to very high standards, and 
unfortunately they did not meet them. They are powdery and messy.
And after wearing them for only 2 hours they had basically erased!
What I mean by that is that they do not last on my lids, even though
I applied primer! This is a first for me, it doesn't even happen with ELF Shadows!
I also feel that the choice of blushes they offer is not universal, they 
should have included a softer pink and/or a bronzer. Three highlighters seem
like a bit much considering eyeshadows could double
as highlighters. The cream liners are ok but like I said about
the eyeshadows... NOT DURABLE! They disappeared soon after applying.

My favorite part of the palette is definitely the brow powders, brow wax, and 
the liglosses. The brow powders are pigmented and the color choices are
great. And the brow wax is amazing! The lip glosses are pigmented
and not sticky. But these few products are not enough initiative 
to actually purchase the palette. 

Packaging: 3/5 (not easy to travel with since when you open it, it is quite big)
Durability: 0/5
Overall: 2/5 



  1. bummer, but so true about palettes not being the same as regular products

  2. nice loook and love the palette!

  3. I bought the palette & Ima makeup junkey. I liked this alot and have no regrets . I have better eyeshadows and I have worse eyeshadows. They r a little powdery but for all the product you get its worth the money. I can do so many combos I am Mexican German and have oily skin but I had no problem with it comming of quickly by the end of the Day it was a little faded but not to bad. I use the pop liner creater to lock it in and it stayed all day. I am really starting to get into tarte now