Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chanel Shopping Disaster.

Hey Girls!

Yesterday I posted my Epic Beauty Haul,
(if you haven't check it out then you can do so by clicking HERE)
and I wanted to share a shopping experience that I 
had with the employees of Chanel in my local Macy's
I live in the small town of Bakersfield in California, and unfortunately
we only have one Macy's in town, yes you heard correct.
It sucks!

I have never had a horrible experience with makeup counters,
besides when MAC is packed and it is hard to get a pro artist 
to help you... Philospohy, Clinique, and Lancome employees have 
always been helpful and nice! 

But Chanel was a different story... I walked into 
Macy's knowing exactly what I wanted:
Soleil Tan Bronzing Makeup Base.
It is the most amazing bronzer I have seen and being new
to Chanel products I wanted to try out something I know
I would use. It is seriously out of this world, the consistency 
is like a mousse and it blends like no ones business! ha ha...

But onto the disaster, there was only one employee working
the Chanel counter, it was a man around his early 20's. 
He was working with a client and matching her foundation
so I figured I would help myself and try out the bronzer myself.
I was just swatching it on my hand when he turned around and
look me up and down and said 
"Uhm excuse me" and basically shoved me out of the way
to get an applicator, so I was like okay no biggie he 
just needed the stupid sponge. 

But then he crossed the line!
He said "I don't think you would be interested in that product."
I said, "Why is that?" I thought maybe he was going to
say it was an awful bronzer or something but no 
He said, "It costs over fifty dollars." 
I seriously felt like I was in the movie Pretty Woman.
Who was he to say that I couldn't pay 50 or even 100 dollars
for the product I want. 

The customer he was working on said,
"Wow you are really rude." and got up and left.
So not only did he lose 1 customer, he lost 2. 

Have you had experiences like this? I honestly feel 
that sometimes having an ethnic background or being
young of age can make people discriminate you even more.

Their loss, not mine.


  1. Boy, that man should get a lesson on manners. Tsk. So far I haven't had any experience like that and I hope I will never have that experience.

  2. Oh my goodness. Their loss indeed!
    Can't say i've had any bad experiences, and I really hope I never do. :)

  3. How rude! But at least the other customer agreed with you, bet he felt like a right arse after that (deservedly!) lol

  4. He's really rude. Being in such position the most important thing is customer service, I wonder how did he get that job!?

    1. I wonder the same thing, i should have told his manager :/ i hope he doesnt treat other people this way!

    2. You should call and tell them still, he could really hurt some ones feelings one day!

      Not saying he didn't hurt yours but some people really take stuff hard.

  5. wow i would have punched him in the face and walked away..

  6. Wow how rude and unprofessional! Sorry for your bad experience. I have not had any but I cannot imagine how they will make me feel.

  7. That's disgusting. You should complain to management at Macy's or something. >:(

  8. That happened to me the first time I went to a high end counter. It tends to happen more if I have my boyfriend, who always wears a baseball caps and shorts. If I go on my own with my family though, it never becomes a problem. I think it's because i'm part hispanic and LOOK it while the rest of my family (whom I don't live with) doesn't - they look, dress and act quite well-off. Bah. What a rude guy!

  9. that's atrocious....i really suggest that you call and tell the manager, they surely don't want someone around who chases away not only one but TWO customers. that's really bad and discriminatory

  10. Wow that is beyooooond rude!
    I live in CA and the closest Macy's in the one in Sacramento. I usually only have bad experiences with MAC and I have never had issues with the people form Chanel. But this is!

  11. stupid guy! he's not a good seller at all!
    actually something like this actually happened me and Phlox when we were on out looking for new products. i think the brand was called LA make up or something like that and he was so nice and everything until we didn't want to buy the things he had shown us. I started looking on an lime green eyeshadow and he was like: that will never suit you.
    F*ck you, you have no idea was my mental respond, and then we just left.
    even though you don't report them, my final thing to do is never shop there again, because that's the price to pay for being rude.
    and if you want your bronzer buy it online!!/Azure