Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top 5 Beauty Blogging Tips

Hey Girls!
I recently read a blogpost at Bamboozle Beauty Blog 
on her top five blogging tips...
and it gave me the idea to do a post on my tips!

Tip Numero Uno! 
Honesty is key... as a beauty blogger your readers
depend on you for the truth about products you
love or hate, when you lie and recommend products that
you honestly don't like it hurts your reputation as much as
it hurts your readers pocket... Now don't get me wrong,
bashing a company is not the way to go! 
Companies rely on feedback to make their products better :)
Constructive criticism is good!

Tip Numero Dos!
Make friends, the beauty blogging community is
filled with amazing people that are willing to share
opinions, stories, and even a little piece of their life,
I assure you that becoming someones TRUE friend will
open a lot of doors. Do not just do it to get their follow, do it 
because you feel you share something in common.

Tip Numero Tres!
Don't forget your friends & family...
I know a lot of bloggers that get burnt out and begin
to hate blogging because they spent too much time 
doing it. Invest as much time as you can without
it interfering in your normal/daily life. 
Don't forget to get some fresh air and breathe!

Tip Numero Cuatro!
Do it for the right reasons. We all have things
we are passionate about, but some people think that
blogging is a easy way to get "free" things or to become
a web celebrity... True colors shine through!
Please do not stain bloggers reputation because of 
plain greediness. 

Tip Numero Cinco!
Personally a blog's layout or pictures have a lot
to do with whether or not I want to follow them...
I know it sounds a bit odd but if a blog page is too
cluttered or if the picture quality sucks I get easily 
distracted and I can't appreciate what they are writing.
Take this into consideration when forming your blog. 

Hope this post was helpful!


ps: pictures borrowed from Google!


  1. Its so sweet that you would take the time to help fellow bloggers, I admire that! keep up the great work :)


  2. Great post! I agree with all of your tips. =)

  3. Great tips! Beauty blogger beginners or veterans should always remember these. :)

    1. Definitely! Glad you liked my tips!

  4. great tips! I always try to be personal and talk to other bloggers just to get to know them a bit more

  5. i completely agree with all these tips!

  6. great tips there! and hey we've given you an award so check out our blog! wiho!/Azure

  7. your tips are so on point, I couldn't agree with you more!!!

  8. it is so true! very good advises and tips, worth to follow of course. hope more people think the same way, no matter what they write about.

    1. Definitely agree with you, blogger ethics are soooo important !

  9. I absolutely love this <3! Thanks for sharing your advise and tips, I agree with you 100% :)

  10. Glad you agree :)



  11. Aww thank you for linking me :) great tips!xx

  12. I've just started blogging more about beauty/fashion, and was browsing round some sites for inspiration, I came across yours, and seen this post. it's helped alot.

    Hope you don't mind me following you.


    1. I am so happy this post helped you out, if you have any questions let me know :)



  13. Great tips these really helped me I'm a new blogger!

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