Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPod Giveaway Hosted By Pinspire !

Hey Girls !

I wanted to share an awesome opportunity with you! I recently was contacted by a website called Pinspire, it is a new concept of your average Social Networking Site where you can collect and share contents images of inspiration..

You can use images as a source of inspiration to plan your wedding, decorate your home, or create fashion looks.

By creating your own "collections" or a category (such as womens clothing, people, food, or beauty) you can "PIN" pictures and browse through similar collections.

You can read more about it at their ABOUT PAGE :)

This is a really neat site if you are looking to promote your blog, blog store, or your etsy page :)
I will definitely be using it more !

The option to follow people is also available by the way ;)

This is a preview of some of the awesome pictures posted on there !


Rules for giveaway are as follows:

  1.  Contest Participant must sign up for an account at (Facebook and Twitter sign-up available). 
  2. Participant creates a collection/board (or several) that shows their individual inspirations categorized according to topic/category the blogger chooses: 
    1. Technology 
    2.  Fashion/Style 
    3. Beauty/Health 
    4. Food 
    5. Pets 
    6. Art/Design 
    7. Other categories available.
  3. Participant should, at least, have one (1) originally pinned image in their entry. 
  4. Send me the link to your Pinspire profile either in an email or as a comment here ( and LEAVE YOUR GFC NAME :) (MUST BE A FOLLOWER!)
Winners will be chosen from all the entries collected from all participating blogs through popularity and creativity, judged by number of pins, board followers, and likes. 
Top 10 boards win a 2GB iPod shuffle each 
Most popular wins an 8GB iPod Touch 

Deadline of Entries will be on 27 January 2012. 
Winners will be announced on 31 January 2012. 
This giveaway is hosted and run by



  1. oh cool, I had never heard of it before.

  2. I won't be entering I'm afraid. The people behind Pinspire are a bunch of crooks who take US websites that haven't gone international and rip them off basically.. read this article If I hadn't already known about Pinterest I would probably be entering myself as I'd be none the wiser, but this has got me very angry that they're blatantly copying an already established website for their own benefit.It really annoys me that Pinspire are getting bloggers to promote their corrupt website! It's sad because Pinterest is a very niche website and they're taking advantage of that and finding loopholes in copyright. I really hope Pinterest can somehow get this copy closed down because the men behind Pinspire have done this before and are making profit from ripping off websites!

    1. I honestly had no idea about this, this teaches me a lesson... to research a company thoroughly and very well.

      Thank you for your thoughts!


      - MARLA

  3. So did the giveaway materialize?

    1. Honestly, I have been trying day and night to get a hold of the PR people and they have not replied... I received only 2 entries but I still want to know whats happening.

      I will do a blogpost on it!