Friday, December 16, 2011

Clarisonic Mia Review

Hey Girls :)

I finally did my review on my Clarisonic Mia and I think I covered the basic points but let me sum it up for you :)


  • cleans 6x more dirt
  • leaves skin feeling smoother & softer
  • helps creams-serums-and lotions absorb into your skin
  • gentle enough to use 2 times daily
  • improves oily or dry areas
  • minimizes pores
My thoughts:

The clarisonic mia has done wonders on my skin, not only has it improved my dry and patchy areas, but it has also helped my oily t-zone. I use it only once a day (at night), but I have gotten great results. The only bad thing that happened was that I broke out for a couple of days when I first started using it, I read that it was because my skin was getting used to it. Besides that nothing bad happened, my skin has been full of luminosity, I haven't broken out and it feels a lot smoother.

But the thing that makes me happier is that MY PORES REDUCED IN SIZE A LOT !

  • One use a day produced results
  • my skin has a glow & luminosity to it
  • it is smooth & soft
  • my pores are reduced
  • I broke out once in the beginning
  • It is a bit pricey (119) 
  • You have to replace brush heads every 3 months (25/e)
EXTRA TIDBITS: The starter kit comes with the Gentle Hydro Cleanser which is ok but I prefer using my Philosophy Purity Cleanser. 


  1. I LOVE my clarisonic mia too! Nothing will change that!

  2. Awesome review. I got my just recently and had exactly the same experience!

    Love IT