Monday, October 10, 2011

September Favorites & Face of the Month & 1 Dislike.

Hey girls,

So I know it is almost midway October but I wanted to share my September favorites & also my face of the month...

For those that don't know a face of the month is the look that you wore a lot during the month, your everyday look :)

I also will be sharing a product fail, something I was super excited about but now I hate :(

So let's get started ..


I joined the gym in September and I vowed to make a change in my lifestyle, I have been loving these cookbooks, ! They are amazing, and for those of you wanting to eat healthy and not get bored from eating salads I recommend buying some good cookbooks !

my gym membership card <3 if you are in North California check it out :)
Next up is the new addition to my piggy collection :)
Its a pooping piggy & a keychain... a new meaning to the word "multi-tasker".


Little tiny tooth brushes, these are great for picking food out of teeth... or using as mini mascara wands for bottom lashes. A pack of 4 for one dollar ! 

 My favorite brush of the month is the essence of beauty concealer brush, its amazing :)

Select lashes have also been my favorite, they are only one dollar and come in a variety of style :)

I have a whole thingy full of them lol ..

John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray, I know I'm not a blonde but I have been applying this to my ends to get the ombre look without actually dying my hair. 


Avon Skincare, which I have done a post on ;)
and my Secret Clinical Deodorant; one word, amazing.


ELF Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter, Almay Smart Shade Concealer in Light/Medium, and MAC Studio Fix NC25.
They look amazing together !

Paired with 100% Pure Lip Glaze in cherry with Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Tint in Dazzling :)
I won the lip glaze and I am amazed by it, I love how moisturizing and nourishing it feels, and also the pigmentation of it. and of course I love that it is 100% pure. :)

YBF Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe, Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, NYX Glitter in Hot Gold :)
I am in love with all of these products !

I love this product, it is very pigmented, creamy, and durable but it irritates my eyes like crazy :(
this has never happened with any other product but the NYX eyeliner. 

thats it girls,
if you want separate reviews let me know :)

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  1. I have those cookbooks at my job we always give them out to patients!! :o)