Thursday, September 29, 2011

thanks and excuses... & HEALTH

Hey girls,
just a quick post to thank you all for your support... I can't believe I have 166 girls that are interested in what I have to say :)

Thank you thank you thank you a million <3

And also I can't believe I hit 10,000 views ! What a great milestone!

On another note, I have been swamped with homework and a lot of other stuff so that is why I haven't been posting...

I have a lot of fun ideas floating in my head and I hope to blog soon !

Stay tuned for more barbie inspired looks, runway looks, and 7 deadly sins looks :)

- marla

thanks once again <3

By the way I am going to start making lifestyle choices that will contribute to better overall health, are you guys interested in knowing about my journey ?


  1. it's okay! I'd say do your homework (not trying off as a parent here!!) and then take a relax in front of your make up.
    sometimes one's really busy, but that's life you know!
    It's always a pleasure to pop into your blog, so I'll look forward to your upcoming look, all of them!

  2. It's alright! Can't wait for your future posts :) Indeed I'm sure we'll all like to know about your journey! It's nice to pass by your blog

  3. Love this Blog!!
    Now Following! :)
    Check out my blog sometime -

    LoveFaye xoxo