Monday, August 15, 2011

Punchbowl :)


Hey girls,
just wanted to share this awesome site with you.. I have been a member for years but I recently started using it ... and just to let you know I am not sponsored by them, I just love their site.
It is called and it is a party planning site...

It includes things like:

  • Party planning for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings (and much more)
  • eCards
  • Invitations, some of them FREE !
  • A list of vendors 
  • Party Ideas
  • and much much much more
I am hooked on this site because I'm organizing my beautiful mom's 50th birthday which is August 23 :)

This is a really awesome tool and helper so check it out, especially if your not the party planning type :)

Plus you get to make a profile and personalize it with your likes and dislikes :)

Let me know what ya'll think :)

Ohh and let me know if you want to follow me on my party planning journey lol


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