Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need your opinion.. super sad :(

Okay girls so for some reason most of the pictures from old posts have disappeared... I fear this is because of a problem I recently had with picasa (or whatever the picture thing is called)

I don't know if I should delete these posts and start over or leave them up and move on ... I am so sad ! I had tons of pics and stuff :(

Give me your opinion.. what would you do ?
Or as my loyal readers what do you recommend ...

thank you

So I just deleted over 20 posts, that i couldn't retrieve pictures for... sad day:(
hate when technology fails.... but oh well life must go on...

"this too shall pass..." 


  1. It happened to me too. I had some problems with picassa and almost all of my posts lost photos. I decided to reupload all the photos and I still didn't finish. It takes a lot of time. I'm sorry that you deleted posts. I know, how much time do you have to put in writing posts.

  2. Doesn't blogger give you the option to dl them onto blogger itself instead of using another site?

  3. jessica, no it doesn't.. at least i didn't see that option...

    and Taya, yes it's sad :( but i'll make up for it :(

  4. aww im so sorry this happen to you girl, great to see you sooo positive(:

    <3 BB