Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Deal with High School Pressure


Hey girls,

Now that school has basically started I wanted to do a quick post on different High School Pressure you may encounter.
High school years can be some of the toughest years of your life, not only are you in between being considered as a child and an adult, you are also given more liberty and responsibilities. And you are also faced with TOUGH decisions.

I am in my junior year of high school currently and I have already dealt with a lot of these things, I feel I have learned to pick and choose friends that will not hurt me or make me do bad things and I also feel that I have held on to my mother's trust very well...

On Picking Friends...

Picking friends is something you have to pay particular attention to. Some people in High School love gossip and are not interested in what you actually are going to school to do.. LEARN.
Try to meet new people and get to know them.. if you feel comfortable and are sure that they won't backstab you or hurt you then be friends. Sometimes it is best to have a lot of different types of friends for example people interested in sports, or in the student council, or people interested in clubs.
If you are a freshman I recommend joining different clubs that share your interests, it is a great way to do something for your school while having fun :)
High school is supposed to be a happy experience, don't ruin it by gossiping or creating trouble.

On Gossiping and Backstabbing...

Obviously you never know a person well enough, and you might have to deal with rumors, lies, and backstabbing. The only thing I can recommend is to keep SUPER DUPER PERSONAL stuff to yourself, try to not give up your whole life story to someone that hasn't known you for long. Keep in mind that people are very quick to judge and maybe someone might not like you right when they see you, but that's ok. You don't have to be loved by everyone, and you definitely don't have to change to be liked. If someone is telling you that you have to change to be their friend, then DON'T be their friend.
If gossiping occurs just brush it off, don't add more to the problem by gossiping about that person.. You don't have to stoop to their level. If in your heart you know it isn't true then don't be bothered by it.
On Trust...

Trust, is the most valuable thing we have. You need to be trusted by your parents, friends, coworkers, and anyone else important to you. Don't break that trust by lying, if it you need to lie about it then you probably shouldn't do it. Just make sure you put things on a balance.

On Originality...

In High School originality is lost, everyone forms a clique and everyone has a certain way of thinking about what is "in" or "normal". But just remember, "normal" doesn't exist. Everyone is unique & everyone has a right to be who they are. Be yourself and don't change. If people don't like it oh well.
On Homework & Grades...

These are the four years that will form your future, focus on doing good and on passing your classes. Just remember that all those people that want you to party, not do good, and not pass your classes aren't going to be paying your bills in the future. Knowledge is POWER. If people make fun of you for being a "loner" or hanging out in the library then remind them that they won't be a millionaire when they grow up, they probably will be living in their parent's basement. LOL sorry for being mean >.<
Those are my tips and my guidelines for High School girls....

Ohh and my most important tip of all ....


hope this helped,

any private questions or help you need, please don't hesitate in emailing me


  1. Nice post, I sure don't miss high school pressure

  2. Sounds like you going through a rough time, although you seem very mature and with great instinct after writing this post! All these experience from high school hopefully makes you a better person in the future. You should grab some OCC Lip Tar and play with to ease your load ;)
    Good look with school!

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