Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coconut Bandwagon :)

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Hey Girls,

(just a quick post)

I jumped on the coconut bandwagon and tried out coconut water... the natural way :)

Me and my mom bought a small coconut and she used a hammer to open it :)

Just like the Flinstones would have done lol :)

What do you think of my moms red nails, it's her signature nail :)

My thoughts: I did not like it >.< I had to sweeten it a whole bunch... but I'm determined to try the store bought water and see what it tastes like...

Please let me know your thoughts :)



  1. You move nails is so red.... i remmeber making a maracas using coconut shell when i was in elementary.

  2. Hmm, coconut is not my favorite to eat or drink! I feel like the Flinstones in so many ways.

    I am your newest follower. Follow me back if you like to:)


  3. I buy mine from the store is very good and I also like it very cold.
    They say its very good for u.

  4. I love vita coco, you can buy just the coconut water or get it flavored with mango and pineapple. The favored ones are a little sweeter so you may like them better.