Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back To School TAG :)


I hope that you guys aren't getting tired of me posting more about me stuff :)
If you are please be honest and let me know:)
I'm so happy that school is about to start ... Can't wait :)

What are you excited and/or nervous for this year?
I am excited to be starting my Junior year in High School, I have heard it's the best year. I'm so nervous because I have my schedule loaded with A.P classes. eeeeeek >.< 

What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school? 
My favorite part is meeting new teachers and students, and I also love buying new school supplies (like backpacks, pencils, and binders). 

What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school? 
I first started wearing makeup in 5th Grade, read My Makeup Story TAG to find out more :)

Where or from whom do you like getting inspiration for back to school?
I get plenty of inspiration from reading other blogs and watching Back to School videos on YT :)
I also pretty much get inspired all by myself, I love getting back into routine !

What are your favorite upcoming "back to school"/fall trends for this year? 
My favorite trend? Hmmm I don't know, I kinda just go with the flow & what feels right. Because trends can come and go....
One beauty trend I'm doing is the color blocking style for eyeshadow, I'm in love lol. 

Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?
I like to go to Wal-Mart and Target, It's where you get the best deals ! 

What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping? 
I love Macys, Ross, Target, JcPenny, and Kohls... They have super cute clothes at affordable prices :)

Will you be carrying a backpack or a purse to school this year? 
I'm not sure... If I buy the Juicy Couture backpack then a backpack, if not then a cute tote :) 

What are 3 non-beauty essentials you HAVE to carry in your backpack/purse? 
Water Bottle, tons of different colored pens, and my cell phone :)

What are 3-4 beauty essentials that you HAVE to carry in you backpack/purse? 
Lip balm, mirror, and lipstick I'm wearing that day :)

What are your go-to hair products for this year, and what is your go to hair style? 
My go-to hair products are Pantene shampoo and conditioner, and the John Freida Go Blonde Spray (it has given me the most amazing highlights and shine) :) 

What are your go-to makeup products for this year and what is your go-to makeup look for school? 
My go-to makeup products for this year is my Revlon Color Stay Foundation and my ELF Eyelid Primer :)
My go to products for school would have to be my ELF Liquid Liner in Black and my Nylon Eyeshadow from MAC, as well as my other two products mentioned above :)

What are your go-to clothing items for back to school, and what accessories do you plan to rock this year?
This school year I plan to go as comfortable as possible, leggings, flats, skirts, and some pretty blouses :)I will probably do a back to school clothing haul soon :)

Thanks for reading!

What are your favorite back to school products? Comment below and let me know!


  1. I'm going back to school this fall, but I'm going to teachers college so now I'll be on the other side of things, I have a feeling it's going to be a totally new and strange experience

  2. thanks for your comment.. i have no idea how to 'make it a tag' though like you suggested! haha :( <3

  3. This was so fun to read! :) Awesome tag doll!

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