Friday, July 22, 2011

MAC Me Over (Fall Collection)

Hey Girls,
I recently read an article on beautylish about the new MAC Me Over collection that comes out this fall (August 25 - September 2011 ) and I haven't been this excited for a collection in a long time !

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This collection is special because they used R E A L people for the campaign, real people like you and me.
Not gorgeous models, actresses, or singers... but actual people.
To pick them MAC held a contest, 6 lucky people were chosen :)

MAC Me Over's Motto is - Style, Heart, and Soul - 

This should not only be MAC'S motto but everyones motto...

STYLE; as a beauty blogger I understand how important style is to one's life, express yourself and be yourself those are the 2 key parts.... I don't worry about what people will think about my Neon lipstick, I don't care if people think that my blue eyeshadow should have stayed back in the 70's ... Be who y o u want to be and don't give a **** what people think :)

HEART; put your all into anything you do... without heart nothing will achieve it's ultimate greatness...

SOUL; passion, love, and determination.... I feel that my passion for makeup drives my heart and soul and helps me be a better person everyday.... Never give up if you feel your heart is in the right place.
Whatever feels good in your heart and gut is what you should do....

Never let anyone bring you down babes ! :)

I wanted to use this opportunity to not only talk about the MAC collection but also motivate and inspire you...
Everyday some people are only looking to do harm... but just let it slide right off you and keep doing your thing... 

Love & power,


  1. The photos are awesome! Wonder what new things they will have in the collection

  2. Ciao Bella,
    Yes, I saw the new advertisements for the MAC collection... I was excited about it as well. I am wondering what new things that they will have. But its great that they used REAL people... instead of models.. not that I have anything against models.. I think that they work hard... but its just makes for a nice change, its mostly REAL people that buy their products anyway!!! ;)
    I love your blog, its fantastic!!
    I'm now a new follower, I hope that you don't mind.
    I'd love it if you also followed me as well.
    Have a really great day!!
    Hugs & Kisses,