Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To: Look Pretty While Camping :)

Hey Chicas & Chicos ;)

So I'm going to be going camping for a couple of days and I wanted to write a post on skin care and beauty essentials that I will be taking along with me :)
I know it might be kinda shallow but I don't want to look like crap over there.... :)
I'm not going to take my loads of makeup but I am going to take some things that will help me look more luminous and beautiful :)

So this is a list I have compiled for myself and anyone else going camping.... !

First of all I wanted to share my HAIR essentials ... 
  • BOBBY PINS ARE A MUST FOR FLY AWAYS AND SUCH (since i'm not taking hairspray)
  • GEL (this is a maybe...) 
  • Also, consider DRY SHAMPOO :) ! or baby powder :) 

Most of those things are self explanatory, the gel is a maybe because it depends on where your going if you cant wash your hair for a couple days keep in mind that the gel will get dry and icky.

Skin Care Essentials... 
    • This is super important! You dont want to get a sunburn when your camping, talk about uncomfortable ! Remember to use plenty of it and reapply every 2 hours at least!
  • A good facial moisturizer and body lotion, try to keep it unscented because if it i scented it will attract mosquitos ! >.< 
  • Facial Cleansing Wipes to take off the days makeup and dirt :P
  • BUG SPRAY ! :P
  • oh and just as a precaution make sure to take antibacterial ointment and plenty if band aids for any cuts or bites you get ! 
    • I prefer the cute Hello Kitty Band Aids :) 

On to the Makeup ... :) 
  • Keeping your skin moisturized will give it hydration and luminosity so just bring along some tinted moisturizer or concealer to hide any imperfections :) 
  • You don't need to bring along brushes, just use your fingers :) BUT MAKE SURE THEY'RE CLEAN! :)
  • Some Transcluscent Pressed Powder to lock in Tinted Moisturizer. 
  • Lash Curler, curling lashes opens up the eyes a lot !
  • CLEAR or WATERPROOF MASCARA (not a necessity) 
  • LIP BALM IS A MUST. My favorite is Blistex Medicated Mint Balm. 
  • If you are pale don't worry 'cause the sun will give you a rosy appearance, but if that doesn't cut it then try taking some cream blush that's easy to travel with like the NYC Creamstick Blushes ! (only like 3 dollars!) 
  • I would recommend taking a cream highlighter to add some shine to your face and just mixing it with your foundation, I like the ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight, if your face is oily skip this :) 
  • Blotting Papers in case you want to take off some oil :) 
  • And finally take something to refresh your skin like MAC Fix Plus or ELF Mist & Set. Keep it in a cooler and spray it on whenever you feel hot (it feels amazing) 
So that's my helpful beauty and skin care tips :)
But remember the most important is SUNBLOCK ! 

Tomorrow I will post pictures of all the things I'm taking, hope this was helpful :)

Love & Bug Spray,


  1. i suck at putting make up on me
    pero ao el makillaje
    así que amé tu blog =)

  2. Well if I go camping one day this would be really usefull to have with me on a list ^^