Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorites of the Month :) (part 1 skincare)

Hey Girls,
I wanted to share my top products for the month of July, I know the month isn't over yet but I couldn't wait to do my first favorites of the month :)
I'm breaking it up in two parts body and skincare, and makeup and hair care :)

Body Products:

Victorias Secret Body Lotion in Love Spell,
this lotion smells so delicious and has become my favorite.. can you believe I would almost never put lotion on? I just don't like the sticky feeling, but this product absorbs into my body super fast !

Victorias Secret Body Spray in Love Spell,
I spray this all over my body after I apply lotion to freshen up and make the smell last longer :)

I have also been using the foot care products from AVON, my feet are so much softer and nicer and they aren't dry anymore :)
you can read more about my spa day using those products here

My perfume of choice for the past 3 months now has been Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture :)
it smells A M A Z I N G !


I received two samples from Estee Lauder, the Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator and the Day Wear Sheer Tint Release Advanced Multi Protection Anti Oxidant Moisturizer and I loved them both. I think I will purchase them soon. The moisturizer is  amazing it is gray when you first look at it and as you apply it the color adapts to your skin I really recommend it :)

I have also been using the Origins No Puffery eye cream, its amazing ! :D

enjoy :)
i will post the other part tomorrow :)



  1. i love Victorias Secret Body Spray in Love Spell too! :) new follower here! hope you could follow my blog too <3

  2. Nice, thanks for sharing. I have always loved the scent of the Victoria's Secret Love spell :]

  3. thanks for the post. I have a looot of skincare product too, yes, skincare is very potent =D~

  4. <3 Love Spell!! My BF loves it also because it reminds him of when we used to date in HS...we're now together 7yrs. CRAZZYYY!!! love your bi-lingual blog!

  5. I love love spell! smells so yummy!