Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Effects of Makeup

These 3 pictures are from a collection MAC will release, they are all the same women; just different looks..

Looking at these pictures reminds me why makeup makes me feel so happy and passionate...
It can change and transform you in almost unreal ways, the power of makeup is immense....

When people ask me what I find so amazing about makeup or what I like about it, I honestly don't have a straight answer. It just fills me with joy when I'm able to transform myself and other people.

It gives me the power to change and alter the outer part of someone and give them the confidence to take on any event or task.

Makeup is a big part of my life, it is something that I think about throughout the day...
I think of new techniques, looks, or products...

Every day I deal with people that are close to me that judge what I love, they tell me natural is better...

And yet they don't understand what it feels like to empower women & myself...

I hope one day to be able to use my knowledge to help women feel more beautiful, confident, and powerful...

Makeup is not a mask or something to hide behind, it's something that helps you shine more brighter than you already do ..

I am so happy I am able to share my thoughts, opinions, and creativity with a group of girls that shares my same passion.

I am very excited for this collection and you can see all the products and more details on Beautylish... :)

Has anyone ever judged you because you wear makeup ?
Share your story with me I'd love to know... 




  1. Hi maria! :)

    Well for me, no one has judged me on my makeup so far (good for me i guess). I only wear light and natural makeup because I dont feel like putting a lot of stuffs on my face concealing everything even the 'natural' beauty within, they say.

    I believe makeup is just to EHNANCE the beauty and conceal or cover it. I was alittle surprised those pictures were from MAC. Sometimes I would think makeup artists OVERDUE their limitation. It aint' real beauty anymore.

    I love how you empower yourself with the confidence and talent you have :). You go for it girl! :p. Sorry fot the long comment ahhah! I was intrigue of your post bec. i like it!


  2. lol don't worry about the long comment, thanks for sharing your story :)