Friday, June 3, 2011

amber rose inspired look :)

Hey guys !  <3
Today I did a look inspired by Amber Rose, for those who don't know she is a beautiful model :)

And obviously I am no Amber Rose, but I tried my best to do the same look on myself <3 
The tutorial is kind o different, it's more of a semi tutorial, 
I basically just explained everything and then I demonstrated some things.
The tutorial itself is pretty easy and theres nothing to it. The thing I focused on most was the blush and the lips and I made sure to apply BIG lashes. Which by the way I will be doing a tutorial on how to apply falsies soon :) 

In the video I describe all the products I used and how I used them. 
If you have any suggestions, cmmts, feedback, or requests leave them here or on the video comments. 
And dont forget; if you recreate the look take pics and post them here :) 

I love you guys <3
-Marla. :) 

watch the video <3 :) (down below)

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