Wednesday, March 9, 2011

fish out of water. . .

Today was the fifth time I have been to school without one itsy teeny weenie bitty drop of makeup
I felt like a fish out of water,
or like I was naked or something ..

ha ha, I think it's so funny how something can kinda become a "part" of you...
I don't like it when people criticize me for wearing makeup, they make it seem like wearing makeup means that your insecure or as if your hiding behind a mask. I wear makeup because I enjoy putting it on.
I feel the same way Michelangelo did when he was painting the Sistine Chapel, I N S P I R E D.

So maybe that's going a little to far ha ha, I'm not an artist (yet), but you get the point.
Applying makeup is truly my passion. The more and more people support & compliment me, makes me feel more at ease. It's like I'm finding out more about myself.

Throughout the years I have never lost support of those truly significant and important in my life. I don't have to name names because you all know who you are.

But above anyone else my mom has by far been my best friend and supporter, she is one of my toughest judges, and I love her for that :)

My main point is that through experiences you gain knowledge and not everything can be learned through textbooks or through other people's eyes... make mistakes, and forgive yourself. Practice makes perfect, and remember you are beautiful.

Don't let anyone bring you down loves<3

L O V E , B E A U T Y , & L I P S T I C K -  K I S S E S .

M A R L A A A A A A, obsessed WITH makeup.

ps: hopefully these personal blogs are helping you get to know me :)

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  1. Hey, I love your passion for make up, it really is inspiring! I think that's one of the main reasons why I find this blog very interesting! You're right, don't let people get you down over your passions! Keep it up!

    - Zoe oxox